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Free web based employee scheduling tools  v.1.1

User friendly single click multiple employee scheduling, copy schedules for individual employees or days or scheduling period, use time slider bar to easily set schedule timings. Graphical representation of employee shifts based on skills/resource to

Employee Scheduling Pro  v.

Easy-to-use Employee Scheduling Software that lets you make schedules quickly and easily. Support for multiple locations, multiple jobs, hours after midnight, etc. Schedule your employees visually on a calendar, or with a list of shifts. Custom

DRoster Employee Scheduling Freeware  v.5.5.3

DRoster is a powerful intuitive employee scheduling software tool. It's flexible and meets the needs of a wide range organisations who have to manage shifts, schedules and rosters. With DRoster you can: schedule assignments quickly and react

MindFusion.Scheduling for WPF  v.2.3

MindFusion.Scheduling for WPF provides applications targeting the .NET platform with the ability to manage and display schedule information in several different types of calendar layouts. The component supports monthly, weekly, daily and scheduling

MindFusion.Scheduling for Silverlight  v.2.3

MindFusion.Scheduling for Silverlight provides applications targeting the .NET platform with the ability to manage and display schedule information in several different types of calendar layouts. The component supports monthly, weekly, daily and

MindFusion.Scheduling Pack  v.2011.Q4

MindFusion.Scheduling Suite combines four tools for managing and organizing tasks, time and resources. The four components target four different platforms: · WPF · Windows Forms · Silverlight · .NET Compact Framework

Resource Scheduling  v.1.0

Our online Resource Scheduling Software allows your employees to easily book meeting rooms and resources from any computer connected to the

Web Appointment Scheduling System  v.4.0.1

The Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASS) is a system for scheduling and managing appointments over the Web. WASS includes a comprehensive system for creating/displaying appointment schedules, and an email appointment notification

Offset Mortgage Facility  v.1

Offset mortgage facility search engine. Getting the insight that is essential regarding procuring an optimum offset mortgage facility can be a source of distress for many people but with a bit of calm thinking and the right approach it is not a

Job Designer Scheduling Software  v.

Schedule employees, rooms and equipment efficiently. Create jobs with a click of the mouse. Let Job Designer find available time for a job and track client preferences for you. Link tasks, employees, equipment and other items from the pre-configured

Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling  v.2

Online appointment scheduling software allowing your clients to schedule appointments online 24/7. Accept payments for appointments, completely customize your scheduling site, and export your listings to iCal. Client interface is available in

JTraceDump - Java TraceDump Facility  v.0.2.0.beta

A facility to keep a history of context information during runtime and then dumping it in a separate file when a problem occurs (similar to core

Linux Wireless Scheduling Toolkit  v.0.5.2

The project discusses an architecture, prototype implementation and test tools for wireless scheduling using currently available hardware (e.g. 802.11 WLAN). It is based on a patch/new scheduler for the Linux 2.4.X kernels and extensions for the tc

Office Hours Scheduling System  v.3.1.0

A web-based system for posting and scheduling office hour

Frontiering scheduling  v.1.0

Implement a scheduling algorithm to schedule classes at a university

CPU Scheduling Simulator  v.1.0

This program allows one to virtually see how the different process scheduling algorithms work. The purpose of this program is to act as a recruiting tool for future computer engineers as well as a teaching tool for future Modern OS classes.

Classroom Scheduling Assistant  v.1.0

This is a scheduling assistant for college and university departments. This assistant lets the user put professors in rooms, teaching a specific class. It deals with one week. Accomodates overlapping semesters. Reports schedules and schedule conflict

Alpha Research Facility  v.1.0

Alpha Research Facility is a Game project. It is a FPS like Half-Life and DirectX 9 based. We are trying to make a linux version uses OpenGl.

Facility Composer Suite  v.1.0

Facility Composer is a suite of criteria-based building design and modeling tools. The primary objectives are to provide support for 1)creation, specification, and use of design criteria, 2)architectural programming, and 3) spatial layout and design.

FmOne - Facility Management System One  v.1.0

this is a PHD student's work of facility management research

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